Highland Cattle
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The Highland breed of cattle, with their majestic sweeping horns and long, thick coat of flowing hair is truly a beautiful sight to behold. 
Highlands are disease resistant and exceptionally hardy, with an ability to adapt and thrive in a variety of climates and living conditions.  Members of our Highland fold have successfully braved the bitterly cold winters of Upstate New York and have also weathered the hot, humid Florida summers.  This particular breed of cattle can survive on poor pastures and woodlands due to their unique ability to convert poor forage into usable food for growth and maintenance.  They are known for their longevity and excellent mothering--it is not unusual for a Highland in excess of fifteen years of age to continue to  breed and raise calves.
Please check our For Sale page to see members of our fold who are currently available.  Complete pedigree information is available by email.
Highland beef is extremely lean and flavorful.  From time to time, we raise steers for beef.  If you have an interest in Highland beef, please call or email to place your special order.

Miss Bunny - A blonde beauty


Norfolk - one of our top-notch bulls
Our calves led by Romeo
(in the middle)



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