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At Running River Ranch, we are dedicated to raising healthy livestock,  naturally.  Our concern about additives, such as antibiotics,  hormones, steroids, preservatives, etc., in our food supply and the rise in food-related allergies among friends, family, and the U.S. population in general, forms the basis for our "natural" philosophy.
Our livestock are fed a grass and legume-based diet.  We have selected hardy breeds of livestock--Highland Cattle, South African Boer Goats, and Horned Dorset Sheep--and employ sound management practices, such as overseeding pastures with legumes and seasonal forages, pasture rotation to control parasites, and balanced nutrition, to keep our animals healthy without the use of hormones, growth enhancers or antibiotics added to feed.
The breeds of livestock that we have selected are all "traditional" breeds with their own unique characteristics, and we are dedicated to preserving their integrity through the use of high-quality, diversified genetics.
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